so much unfinished work, time is really the enemy... ______________________________________________________________________________________


so... the past seems to keep catching up with me... this is of course 'unfinished', but since it recent events brought me back to this place i thought i would post it... ______________________________________________________________________________________


yet another unfinished piece... ______________________________________________________________________________________

Chad Michael Ward:

found this the other day... its the original 'sketch' that i did for a half sleeve on another artist, photographer, film maker, Mr. Chad Michael Ward... pretty cool stuff... ______________________________________________________________________________________

sackcloth and ash:

from a distance this looks like it could be done... but up close still a bit of work to do, again, started off as a charcoal then worked on digitally. ______________________________________________________________________________________


one of my favorite 'starts' to a painting that never was finished. as with a lot of my work, it started off as a charcoal sketch, that was then digitally airbrushed. hopefully someday i will find the time to finish this one up... more to come.