some publications i or my work has been in:

‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’:  1/6/14, season 4, Ep. 10, ‘Catfight on the Catwalk’  (featuring Carlton Gebbia)
‘How I Rock It’:  12/24/13, season 1, Ep. 106  (featuring Ludo Lefebvre)
Inked Magazine: Sept. 2012 (uncredited, featuring Adam Lavine)
Inked Magazine: July 2011(uncredited, featuring Ludo Lefebvre)
Inked Magazine: feature on Chef Ludo Lefebvre:
L.A. Weekly: Jun. 2010  L.A. Weekly, Jun. 2010 article:
The District: Feb. 2010
Nintendo Power Magazine: Jan 2006  Nintendo Power (related link to my clients experience):
In Touch Weekly: Nov. 2004
NBC affiliate KRON, Channel 4 S.F.  Television Interview 2000
SF Chronicle: Full page article, Jun 12, 2000
Tattoo Review #55: 4 page article, 1996
Tattoo Savage: Cover and 2 page article, Jun 1995
Tattoos for Men: Cover, Dec. 1994

Various Tattoos published in:

Skin Art
Tattoos for Men
International Tattoo Art
Tattoos for Women