Tattoos by Dark Coffee and Cream Logo T-Shirt:
The lovely Shondell Marie sporting her MODIFIED (actual t-shirt NOT MODIFIED, but feel free…) Tattoos by Dark Coffee and Cream Logo T-Shirt… (I will not be making another run of these, so this is it… get them while you can…)
Thought I had sold all of these, but found a box left over… limited sizes, first come first serve, all payments will be via PayPal,, $25.00 (shipping and handling included)… please indicate size, quantities, and accurate shipping address… (I will not take responsibility for incorrect information…) and allow 3-4 weeks delivery…
Buying more then one, let me know, so we can adjust the shipping and handling cost (ie. 2 shirts, $45.00 shipping and handling included…)
For international orders: please inquire about shipping and handling…
(Of course if your in the LA area, and want to pick one up at the shop, please contact me so we can make arrangements, I don’t carry them around… so will need to know what to bring in… cash only for pickup…)
All inquiries:
Sizes left: 2-Medium, 37-Large, 66-XL, 50-XXL, 2-XXXL… sorry no smalls left… (I will update quantities as the sell…) #tattoosbydark #swag #logoTshirt

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